Top 6 Inspirational and Informative Cancer Links

Here are some of my favorite Cancer links: #1: Crazy, Sexy, Cancer: A Must See! and her blog: CrazySexyLife

#2: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This organization is an excellent resource for newly diagnosed cancer patients, caregivers and survivors. They have support groups and the most amazing staff. A very helpful and organized organization. They also have Team in training, light the night and all sorts of great activities and supports. I love this group. I volunteer with them in our local chapter here in San Diego.

#3: The Lance Armstrong Foundation This is the Lance Armstrong Foundation's survivor stories. These are excellent, informative, personal and inspirational stories for anyone newly diagnosed, family members, survivors. I highly recommend clicking on a few.

#4: Hope Begins In The Dark- Free Book This is a website is hosted by Cancer survivor and Newsweek investigative reporter Jamie Reno. He has published a book with over 50 cancer survivors tales (including mine). This book is free. However, it won't be released until January 2008. Log on and order a copy. Jamie is a "tell it like it is" kind of guy, a true advocate. He is an excellent resource.

#5: The Cancer Survivor's Network The cancer survivor's network. Great survivor stories.

im too young for this blog
im too young for this blog

#6: I'm too Young for This- The Stupid Cancer Show!

Excellent and hip broadcast for young adult cancer patients and survivors.