Crazy Sexy Cancer

My mother-in-law gave me this book, "Crazy, Sexy, Cancer" for Christmas. She knows I am writing my dissertation on cancer, and picked it up for me. I LOVE IT!  This has got to be the funniest book. I wish to God there was a book out there like this one when I went through cancer. I would have taken it along with me everywhere, Kris's book would have been my friend...I would have taken that thing with me to the endless doctors offices, treatments and other BS appointments involved in the treatment world. I am reading it now and Kris has me howling. I especially loved the part when she insisted on wearing her cowboy boots along with her hospital gown!
She details her journey from diagnosis, through staging procedures, tests, friends, family etc. and gives excellent tips for healing and living a meaningful life. She also shares her personal cancer posse and calls them "cancer babes". The book is empowering, normalizing and funny. Kris has a rare indolent form of cancer which is not considered "curable" and she talks about how she is living with that reality every day. Many more cancers are becoming chronic conditions. Many more people are living their lives with cancer, even better than before. She rocks!  Hysterical too.
She also has a documentary on her cancer experience. Check out