What are your fees?

$195  1st session, Initial evaluation ~ 50-60 minutes

$185  45 minute session

$350  90 minute session


How often do I come to therapy appointments?

Typically we will meet once weekly for 45-50 minutes, sometimes people choose to come more frequently in times of crisis.

Especially at the beginning of treatment, a regular, weekly commitment is extremely important.


How long should I attend therapy?

Longer term therapy is typically helpful in solving long standing patterns and creating lasting changes. Brief supportive counseling can often be useful for moving through a life transition. The length of therapy depends on you and your goals. Research has shown that most people are 75% better in terms of symptom relief within 26 sessions. Others stay in psychotherapy more long term and still others complete therapy within only 8-12 sessions. On average, most people should plan on 12 sessions. We will find what is right together and mindfully re-evaluate progress along the way.

What to expect at the 1st session

The purpose of the first therapy session is for you to tell your story- tell me why you are seeking therapy AND what you hope to get out of therapy- what you want to achieve (goals). What specific outcomes you desire. "What do you want out of therapy, how will you know it is working?", "What would be different in your life when our therapy succeeds?" My job is to attune to your inner world, listen mindfully, discern symptomology and come up with a working diagnosis and a treatment plan (including measures of progress) we both buy into. Additionally I listen for your strengths, working resources and innate wisdom. In Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) this is often called your Wise Mind, which everyone has.

Additionally, the first session provides you an opportunity to get to know me a little, ask me any questions you may have, and to notice how you feel in the room with me. It is important that you feel comfortable with me. If we both feel comfortable with one another, then we will further conceptualize plans and set-up the second appointment. I look forward to connecting with you soon. Thank you for your interest.


At this time, we do not directly accept insurance payments. However, we have several applications pending and we will be adding Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Anthem and Magellan by the end of 2016. To begin your treatment now, please call us to discuss options. Please note that if you do decide to include your insurance company in your healthcare, we cannot guarantee what happens to your protected health information once it leaves our office. We opted out of most insurance because managed care/insurance companies determine the number of sessions you are allowed, sometimes regardless of your individual need, and they require a psychiatric diagnosis which becomes part of your permanent health record. Your privacy and confidentiality can also be compromised by their demand for information. We will provide you with a "super-bill" as an out-of-network provider. Many insurance companies will accept this bill along with your insurance information and reimburse you directly.

What should I know when selecting a therapist?

Making a decision to see a therapist can take a lot of courage, and finding the right one can take time. It’s important to find someone you believe has the qualifications, life experience, and track record of success in helping people just like you. The interaction between you and the psychologist should also feel authentic and natural. 

Track Record of Success

I have been seeing clients for 15 years. More than likely I have walked someone through circumstances or feelings similar to those you are experiencing. I am confident I can help you navigate these places successfully and it is my honor to do so.

I believe that everyone has to capacity to love life.

I’m a Licensed Psychologist by the California Board of Psychology, License #25050. Learn more about my education, specialties and qualifications.

"There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living" 

~ Nelson Mandela