Dr. Regina Huelsenbeck

California Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PSY25050


My approach & background:

I am a licensed clinical psychologist in San Diego, California and I specialize in addiction and transformation through difficult times. My theoretical treatment orientation blends scientific,  evidence-based psychological treatments (such as DBT) with spiritual practice, principles and wisdom. 

My background:

I saw my first psychotherapy client in 1998 and I began working in the field of addiction treatment research in 1999 (UCLA), later trauma, crisis survival, interpersonal violence, post-traumatic stress disorder (UCSD), depression, anxiety, post traumatic growth, crisis evolution and cancer or psycho-oncology (dissertation). I enjoy working with people in the "now", and have a willingness to touch with realness- the rawness, of the human experience, no matter what that may be in this moment. 

Trauma, crises of development, divorce, cancer, our parents, our children, addiction, loss, relationship breaks... all nudge (encourage, shove) us to the edge, to let go a little bit more, and go farther, releasing more blocks than we imagined we could. In this space, we begin to ask larger existential questions, find acceptance, surrender, grow, expand and EVOLVE.

Surrender. Develop. Evolve. No accidents.

The "obstacle" actually is the path.

You can do this. 

More information on my background:

I completed a B.S. in Nutrition with a Minor in Psychology (The Florida State University). Then I moved across the country to Los Angeles, CA for grad school and completed a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology in 1999 (Pepperdine University). I began working in the field of clinical research and addiction treatment (residential and outpatient rehab). Simultaneously I completed clinical internships in counseling for general mental health conditions. 


For the next 4 years I worked in addiction research with UCLA. During this time, I also went back to grad school for my PhD (Pacifica Graduate Institute) in clinical and depth psychology. Later I completed two additional addiction centered clinical internships, one year (2003-2004) of which served mostly violent or sexual offenders mandated to behavioral & addiction treatment.  The second was a specialized trauma internship with UCSD (2008-2010) helping women suffering from both alcohol addiction, interpersonal violence & posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I also co-authored a book on this trauma research:    “Drinking Among Women of Intimate Partner Violence: Mechanisms and Intervention (Women’s Issues)”. (Published in 2011).  Additionally I completed my dissertation researchon the experience of crisis or trauma: cancer) and later authored a chapter on the psychological experience of living through the trauma of cancer for the book “Hope Begins in the Dark”, by Newsweek journalist Jamie Reno. 

Currently, I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Encinitas, CA (San Diego, California) and the founder and executive director of Rituals of Healing, Inc. Additionally, I spend a large amount of my time teaching, supervising and learning with psychological assistants, MFT and PCC interns at Rituals of Healing, Inc. and Addiction Treatment Centers in San Diego. I consult with, provide clinical direction and oversight for two local chemical dependency treatment centers and speak publicly on the topics of mindfulness meditation in recovery, cancer and life transformation.

I recently appeared on KUSI on a segment titled "How to Get Help for a Loved One Struggling with Alcoholism" . See the full segment here. I appear in the 19th minute.

In May 2017 I appeared on NBC to speak about Women and Addiction- a topic near and dear to my heart. It's 4 minutes; you can start after minute one to catch the highlights.

Thanks for your interest. You can do this.

To schedule a session or consultation with Dr. Regina call:  (858) 353-8530 or use the form on the Schedule an Appointment page. For fastest response, text me and we can schedule a time to talk.

Love & Light,

Dr. Regina