Addiction and Recovery


Are you in Recovery?  Or are you wondering if you have an addiction?  Or are you concerned about a loved one? Does your sister, mother, wife, husband, son… have an alcohol or drug problem?

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Dr. Regina has worked in the field of recovery since 1999. She was formerly the clinical director with both West coast recovery centers (co-ed facility) and the Gooden Center (men’s facility). Dr. Regina also has extensive addiction research experience with both UCLA (methamphetamine addiction research) and UCSD (women’s addiction, domestic violence and PTSD research). She is well versed in addiction treatment and most importantly Dr. Regina is passionate and knowledgeable about early recovery awakenings, the divine power of surrender, and the brain science and behaviors reinforcing clean neural pathways.


Two Options:

  1. Mindfulness based recovery coaching or deeper psychotherapy – generally once a week 45 minute sessions. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings may be appropriate depending on where you are in recovery and what your goals are. We will assess this together in our first session. Regular session fees apply, $195 initial, $185 ongoing. Some insurance plans accepted.                                                            

  2. Mindful Addiction & Recovery Intensive: I highly recommend this 4 week jump starter for anyone who is unclear on whether or not they have a substance use disorder or anyone feeling ambivalent in sobriety or their recovery path. This option is also ideal for your wife, daughter or girlfriend who is reticent to enter an “Addiction treatment center” but is willing to go to private psychotherapy. We begin with a detailed evaluation consisting of validated and reliable addiction testing measures. This boutique addiction treatment is a private, discreet and a confidential inquiry into one's self and substance use/abuse patterns. The inquiry aims to foster self-knowledge, self-intimacy, divine connection, love and honesty: "To thine own self be true". Secondly this recovery therapy seeks to clarify and define addiction, introduce, teach and practice sustainable sober lifestyle practices and ”rituals”, emotional regulation and distress tolerance tools, addictive brain & behavior psycho-education, the trauma-addiction link, mindfulness & self-compassion training, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills DBT/12step and other CBT models of recovery, spirituality, and Prochaska and DiClemente's readiness for change. Cost: $1895, Addiction Assessment, twice weekly sessions, 4 weeks. An 8 week option is also available.