How to stop being ANGRY

Releasing anger is a process, but the first step is simply a change in the mind.

Step One: Admit that chronic anger is a choice

I remember a story I heard on 60 minutes a few years ago about a man who was wrongfully convicted of murder. This man, by the name of Logan, lived in prison for 26 long years. Then one day some evidence surfaced that he was actually innocent.

60 minutes came to interview him while he was still in prison, and the interviewer asked him, "Aren't you angry?".

The man replied, "Yes, for the first 5 or 6 years, I was angry. Then I realized, why be angry over something you can't control?".

Why be angry over something you cannot control?

What an excellent question.

It is often difficult for us to remember that anger is actually a choice- especially chronic anger, because we usually feel so entitled to our anger. Logan has a "right" to be angry. He is justified in his anger. He sat in prison for 26 years for something he did not do. He is right. He is justified. He is entitled to be angry.

AND he will pay for it if he continues to chew on this juicy justified anger bait.

My friends, this is the most dangerous kind of anger- Justified Anger. It is the ultimate killer, because like super glue- it just won't let you go. Because you're right gosh darn-it!! They shouldn't have done ______________to you.

Our incarcerated friend is our teacher. He certainly had the "right" to be angry, and he admittedly burned up 5 years being right and angry day in and day out. Until one day when he decided to drop the rock and live the life he was given.


"Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned" ~ Buddha






Free yourself.

Drop the hot coal.

You are worth it.  You can do this. Your life is waiting.

Are you willing to take step one, and admit that maybe, just maybe your chronic state of anger is a choice?

Love & Light,

Dr. Regina