What will happen when I die?

What does my soul look like? Do I believe in God? Why are we here? Why are you here? Are you asking the "big" questions. Are you wondering what "the point" of all of this is? At some point in life, most of us grapple with these sort of questions. There's certainly more to life than just making money and acquiring material goods- r-i-g-h-t? Or is that really it? What do you think? Is there a God? What do YOU think? If you're looking for a place to explore these questions try www.soulpancake.com. It was created by actor Rainn Wilson from the TV series "The Office". On his site, they contemplate these questions, and pose some you may not have even thought of yet. If you haven't figured out for yourself what YOU think...his site provides a sort of starter guide to "chewing" on these questions.

Find out what YOU think.