Walking with Cancer, a Survivor's words


You start your walk on tiptoes- fear and grief are your companions.

The not-knowing is the hardest thing of all.

Reach out to find what makes you strong.

It's your time now to take and use

whatever help you need to move along.

As you walk the road, it widens-

your family, friends, and caregivers

are with you and their love will light the way.

You can walk with hope now, you are learning

what will come and how to face it-

making choices, finding ways to cope.

You need never be alone these days,

but when the way is crowded,

you may hunger for a place of solitude.

A place to cry, to hope or pray,

to meet and get to know your fear.

These times can show you to the courage that's within.

The way is long, with many rest stops.

Take advantage of those times.

Seek renewal, peace, and quiet when you can.

And hold out your hands to others

who walk the road with you, for

you have energy and healing light to share.

You will laugh and find your boundaries

are no longer where you thought.

You have grown beyond your limits-

Godspeed to all who come this way,

and to those who walk beside.

Cancer cannot crush the power of your love.

~ The above words were written by Breast Cancer Survivor, Paula Vlahovich