The Planetary Immune System and Our Immune System

Like so many things in life, the earth reflects back what it has been given.And unfortunately, the decline of the planetary immune system is evident in our land, (food), air, and water. The creatures who live here, including the human beings, are also reflecting this decline. Our individual immune systems are also breaking down; autoimmune disorders are at an all time high, autism spectrum disorders, allergies, cancer are more prevalent today than ever before. Like the outer crumbling, so is our inner crumbling. Marion Woodman, a cancer survivor and depth psychological author explains we need to look at both of these problems symbolically. She suggests that in order to heal these mortal and planetary wounds, we must honor what was forgotten in the creation of these problems, the feminine principles.

In the creation of these problems, we were heavily reliant upon the patriarchal or more masculine values: mass production, linear, logical, streamlined fast-paced steamrolling power. To heal the earth's immune system and our own, we must loosen our grasp on some of our most prized values, like the push for perfection, production, and efficiency. We may need to focus more on the “process rather than product” and other feminine, circular, heart centered ways of knowing.

The feminine value of "process" translates beautifully to the practice of mindfulness. Being fully present in the process of eating, in the process of talking, driving, listening, running, working, typing, writing, fighting, crying, putting on deodorant, washing dishes...and... just being here. In the patriarchal rush, we often forget about the process. We're in such a hurry to do something super meaningful like make millions of dollars (because that is what REALLY matters - right?) that we miss what is here right now. That is, we miss the "process",  we miss being here now, and eventually we miss our whole damn life.

Put a little softness, compassion, and presence into your day today. Try being fully present just for a minute or two. Do this by stopping whatever you are doing, especially if you are extremely busy and stressed at work. Close the door to your office, sit down, put both feet on the floor, push your computer keyboard back and take 3 full deep diaphragmatic breaths. You will be able to tell if your breath has gone into your diaphragm by placing your palm over your lower belly area during the inhalation (below belly button)- if your palm rises, you're in business.

This brief exercise will serve to ground you - then you can return to the task at hand - grounded to the earth, with more compassion, intuition, and presence of mind.

Love and Light,

Dr. Regina