San Diego Cancer Support Group: Cancer is just the opportunity.


..The old forms have to be undermined. That is what illness does. An old way of thinking is shattered.  A new way of thinking enters through ways of healing."                 ~ Deena Metzger

Diagnosis & treatment for a life threatening illness by definition shatters beliefs. We realize we aren't invincible. We feel utterly broken and terrified. Humility is born.

However, when we break- we get to decide what will we use to piece ourselves back together. Therein lies the power. We choose... to fill in the cracks with gold, beauty, love, light, faith, gratitude and connection.

You can take up this healing journey as others have before you and follow your heart.

FEEL FREE to get rid of outmoded versions of yourself. Drop them off like yesterdays laundry.

You have cancer now- you get to do that! Listen to your heart and O P E N.

Cancer is just the opportunity.

The last Thursday of each month, Dr. Regina Huelsenbeck, licensed Clinical Psychologist, leads a free mindful* cancer support group. Dr. Regina Huelsenbeck, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who survived cancer as a young adult & re-visioned her life’s work through her cancer experience. Dr. Regina now helps others awaken to their unique healing path. In her private practice, she provides psychotherapy, guidance & education for patients & loved ones affected by cancer- newly diagnosed, undergoing treatments, facing end of life issues, or adjusting to life after cancer. Dr. Regina also authored a chapter on the psychological experience of living with cancer for the book “Hope Begins in the Dark” by NEWSWEEK journalist Jamie Reno. Her story was also recently covered in "Drinking the Dragon" by Dr. Patricia Ariadne.

This free North County San Diego Cancer Support Group is open to the cancer patients, family members and loved ones.

*The group begins with a guided meditation and ends with discussion.

Cancer Supprt Group Logistics:

  • 477 N El Camino Real Ste D200 Encinitas, CA Maps & Directions
  • 12pm to 1:15pm Thursday June 28th 2012
  • 858.204.4996

When you treat a disease, first treat the mind ~ Chen Jen