PLUG IN: Awaken to your Life's Purpose

Oprah has manifested again...she teamed up with one of the most mindful and powerful spiritual leaders of our time, EckhartTolle. If you haven't heard of him, he wrote The Power of Now and recently published A New Earth. He has changed thousands of people's lives by awakening them to their true nature. He has helped thousands learn how to PLUG IN to stillness. Every Monday 8pm central time you can listen to him live from their virtual classroom. OVER 139 countries listened to the very first course they telecasted. If you cannot make the class live, or even if you do, you can download each of these courses for free. You can subscribe on ITUNES

Although this scheme might seem like more pop-psychology, "Secretish", or new agey, if you really listen to what Eckarts says or read his books, you will find the truth in his words.

He simply offers a way to plug into stillness, "the place where there is no mental noise"...

Learn how to unplug from your conditioned thought processes, and plug into your heart and what is true. Plug In!

Love and Light,

Dr. Regina