San Diego Cancer Support Group with Meditation

I am no longer afraid of mirrors where I see the sign of the amazon, the one who shoots arrows. There was a fine red line across my chest where a knife entered, but now a branch winds about the scar and travels from arm to heart. Green leaves cover the branch, grapes hang there and a bird appears. What grows in me now is vital and does not cause me harm. I think the bird is singing. I have relinquished some of the scars. I have designed my chest with the care given to an illuminated manuscript.  I am no longer ashamed to make love. Love is a battle I can win.  I have the body of a warrior who does not kill or wound. On the book of my body, I have permanently inscribed a tree.


These are the words of cancer survivor and poet Deena Metzger...If you haven't read any of her books, I highly recommend them.

Healing is unique. Metzger's path to healing was intense, fierce and some might say radical, but it was Metzger's unique path. No one else could have dreamed it.

Every human being who traverses serious illness or trauma is tasked with finding a way through the darkness. It's beyond chemotherapy. I am talking about listening/seeing/experiencing and respecting the truth inside. It has been and continues to be the best guide through healing and transformation. Learn to listen... How do you listen? Listening is a vital part of healing. Learn to listen with love and compassion.

San Diego Cancer Support Group - the last Thursday of each month from 12pm to 1pm.

We will learn mindfulness meditation attitudes/benefits and practice listening/seeing/experiencing.

Location: The Pacific Oncology and Hematology Associates 477 North El Camino Real, Suite D200 Encinitas, CA

Cost: Free to all oncology patients (you do not have to be a "pacific oncology and hematology" patient).

Questions/RSVP/Comments: or 858.353.8530

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