Crazy, Sexy Cancer - The Amazing Kris Carr

"When there are no answers, you have to find your own"

~Kris Carr

Kris Carr, author of the book and documentary, Crazy, Sexy Cancer just released her latest book, Crazy Sexy Diet. Her experience with cancer led her to a mindful life filled with Juice...

Kris was diagnosed with a rare and "incurable" form of cancer in 2003. She was overwhelmed, afraid and confused, like most of us are when we here the three words "you have cancer". Furthermore, she was told by physicians that her cancer was stage IV, chronic and incurable. They had few suggestions and little hope; Kris was terrified.

She didn't give up and instead started to ask difficult questions and pursue her own answers. She embarked on a nonjudgmental, open search for healing. She dove into what she terms "cancer college". She researched traditional & alternative medicine, practiced yoga, meditated, spoke with renowned thought leaders like Bernie Siegel, and also dramatically changed the way she ate.

Kris's story is inspiring. I'd say it is close to impossible to watch her documentary and not be moved by her growth, courage, confusion and doubt. Often, it is the most arduous times in life that shape us, show us who we truly are and what we can be. They wake us the heck up and can reconnect us to our inner strength/knowing which was there all along, but ignored, forgotten or simply unrealized. This was also true for Kris and she chronicles her search for hope, her frustration, anger and truth beautifully.

Since Crazy Sexy Cancer, Kris has developed Crazy Sexy Life, a blog, many follow up books, and a healing network of people focused on healthy living.

A large part of Kris's healing was focused on living her life mindfully, or as Kris calls says, "Live like you mean it". Food can be a large part of mindful living and for Kris, it remains that way. Her latest book covers this mindful veggie lifestyle....and it rocks!

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