10 Keys to THRIVE through crisis

10 Keys to THRIVE Through Crisis

Dr. Regina Huelsenbeck
Dr. Regina Huelsenbeck

1. As painful as it might be, find a way to ACCEPT current reality. Acceptance doesn't mean you like, endorse or approve of this circumstance, but it does mean that you see what is true without deceiving yourself. Without acceptance, you will not be able to move through this crisis, heal or transcend. As Byron Katie says, "When you argue with reality, you lose, but only 100% of the time"

2. Define who you are going to be through this transition. "You" will happen unconsciously from old programming unless you consciously DECIDE- Who you are. Who do you want to be? What are you made of? What do you stand for, who do you stand for? These are defined by you (a big part of our work is focused here in therapy & coaching). 

3. You are here to grow and evolve. A crisis is an opportunity for growth. There are no accidents.

4. This circumstance or crisis is Happening FOR you; it is not happening TO you.

5. If you are blaming or judging someone else, stop. This will zap your energy, impede your healing and evolution. Note: It will not impede theirs. He who holds the resentment burns, not the other way around. Find a way to release it (this can be done through psychotherapy and in spiritual practice). Focus instead on you, this is your life journey! Your growth and evolution (seetips #2, #3, #4)

6. "This too shall pass" is the rule, not the exception. Everything changes, even this pain and this situation will shift. Only the un-real does not change, that is death, a perfection myth- it is artificial. Life breathes, bleeds, cries, loves and then evolves. Growth and evolution come in spades - if you are willing to do the work. Understand and embrace the law of impermanence.

7. Stay Awake. Limit alcohol intake. As Rumi says "Don't go back to sleep". A leap in consciousness is required to "evolve". Faith and a fierce willingness to stay awake to the process is the path of thriving. Stay conscious and be mindful through this time. All that passes through you can be welcomed, seen and heard with loving kindness- as you might treat a guest- pain, fear, anger, sadness, insight, love, joy, memories etc.- these are the alchemical visitors of transformation. They are just passing through.

8. Find or create meaning out of the suffering, loss or change. Create the why and live by it. Studies show that people who thrive and achieve what researchers term "post-traumatic growth" are able to find meaning in loss, challenging times and change. Many often report that their suffering was meaningful because it enabled them to help others

9. Persevere. Suit up and show up. There will be tough days that you want to quit, turn back or seek refuge. It is precisely at these times that it is important to keep going. If all you think you can do one day is complete your practices from the bed and then slide into work, do that. But dig deep and keep going. Perseverance through the tough days is key and builds the grit you are seeking. Chant your empowered mantra over and over again, "I can do this", "I am unstoppable", create your own. And, when you say the mantra, connect to it, deep in your core.

10. Stay centered: Exercise & Mindfulness. Do something physically challenging which centers you squarely in your body! Commit to and practice life sustaining daily rituals (morning ritual is best) to keep yourself on track throughout the transition. Prayer, meditation, journaling, mantra, yoga, intention setting, spiritual readings/ daily reflections are suggested. The most important piece is the commitment to the practice you design, every day.  

dr regina 2016 

dr regina 2016 

I love you. You are a powerful and brilliant being. I know you can do this. Take this time to find out who you are. Now is exactly the time. Call me for a consultation.

Love & Light,

Dr. Regina




Going through a tough transition? You're in a very important and transformative time, take the universe up on this opportunity to evolve. How you walk through this time will create your new life. Don't give up. I am certain you can do this. Now is the time. Let's make a plan. 858-353-8530