Andrea Paras, MA, PCCI 

Psychotherapist and Trauma Specialist

Professional Clinical Counselor Registered Intern #618

Each day I have the honor of bearing witness to the capacity of human beings to step into new experiences of self, other, and the world. My personal and professional engagement in counseling has led to a deep understanding of the process of change and how to communicate about it. I welcome those who have identified ways they would like to grow, as well as those who need support in clarifying goals for therapy.  

My passion is the clinical application of neurobiology, attachment theory, and non-touch oriented body psychotherapy. I offer general counseling and highly specialized treatment of trauma, anxiety, and panic. I also offer regular group classes on developing personal boundaries for parents and individuals in substance use recovery.

I work with a lot of individuals who have "tried everything." They have read every mindfulness book, breathed a thousand deep breaths, and have generally exhausted themselves with the promise of relief. Situations requiring that we use primitive neurological strategies in response to threat leave us with lingering symptoms, a sense that we have survived but that the event or events continue on.  What is more, we may not even know that we ever felt threatened, and so symptoms not only feel immovable but also out of context for the lives we have led.

I offer a complete, cutting edge, phase-oriented treatment for anxiety, panic, and dissociation using Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.  I am highly trained and practiced in helping individuals understand how their nervous system interprets danger, and facilitating a shift from defensive neurological patterns to those that support connection and a sense of internal ease.  It is a joy to watch people begin to organize around an ongoing experience of safety, emerging from feeling hijacked by physical symptoms to feeling present and available for life's joys and challenges. 

I offer appointments at both the Encinitas and San Diego Rituals of Healing locations.