About Dr. Regina


I completed my B.S. in Nutrition at Florida State University. I then moved across the country to Los Angeles in 1997 and began My graduate training in clinical psychology with Pepperdine University. After completing my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology in 1999, I then completed two years of clinical internships with community mental health centers where I worked mostly with people suffering from depression and anxiety disorders.

I then worked for the next four years in psychological research with UCLA on alcohol and drug addiction. At this time, I also began doctoral studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute, a school dedicated to Jungian and depth psychological research and practice.

I later moved to San Diego where I completed two additional addiction centered clinical internships, one of which was a specialized trauma internship with UCSD helping women suffering from both alcohol addiction and posttraumatic stress disorder (ptsd). I co-authored a book on this research which was released in 2011:    “Drinking Among Women of Intimate Partner Violence: Mechanisms and Intervention (Women’s Issues)”.

I also authored a chapter on the psychological experience of living through the trauma of cancer for the book “Hope Begins in the Dark”, by Newsweek journalist Jamie Reno. I am a cancer survivor and i have completed my doctoral research on the trauma of living with cancer. I was also the founder of the Mindfulness Task Force group within the San Diego Psychological Association.

I recently appeared on KUSI on a segment titled "How to Get Help for a Loved One Struggling with Alcoholism" which was aired Sunday December 4th at 11 AM. See the full segment here. I appear in the 19th minute.



Currently, I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in San Diego, California. Additionally, I supervise psychological assistants, consult with chemical dependency treatment centers and speak publicly on the topics of mindfulness meditation in recovery, cancer and life transformation.

To schedule a session or consultation with Dr. Regina call:  (858) 353-8530 or use the form on the Schedule an Appointment page.